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for the Financial Sector

At Melchior Analytics, top-tier Data and AI solutions are provided tailored for the financial domain. Powered by robust customized software, rapid development is ensured without compromising on quality.


Empowering Financial Solutions
with Advanced Technology

At the intersection of Data Science, Software Development, and Finance, Melchior Analytics harnesses the potential of cutting-edge tools like GPT and Claude. We don't just build; We create robust, production-grade solutions with the agility and infrastructure of several cloud providers. Our commitment is to deliver innovation at pace, ensuring your financial strategies are always a step ahead.


Data Science

AI Agent construction, finetuning LLMs, traditional ML, Statistical Models

Data Engineering

LLM implementations, ETL pipelines, data base management, cloud data platform construction (Azure/GCP)

Credit Risk Modelling

Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, Exposure at Default, Credit Scoring

Data Consultancy

Beyond hands-on implementation, Michiel is here to strategize with you. Schedule a session and we'll collaborate to define the best approach for your data projects.

The Team

Michiel Voortman

Data Scientist


Distinguished Engineer

Akop Babadzhanyan

Building Partner

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