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Michiel Voortman

Data Scientist, Engineer, and Strategist

β€œIn the AI era, certain tools offer leverage on a scale never seen before. No need for a large team to achieve production-grade solutions.”


  • I'm an entrepreneurial Data Scientist with a strong background in finance (both TradFI and DeFI). I have worked at Microsoft, Booking.com, multiple insurance companies, and co-founded a churn company (which failed due to no product market fit).
  • My expertise extends from full-stack software development to the application of generative AI and traditional ML, demonstrating a consistent ability to work cross-functionally with various stakeholders to drive significant impact on a global scale.
  • My interests lie in Web3, AI, Venture Capital, and Macroeconomics.
  • I hold two master degrees in both Data Science and Finance.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy the challenge of marathon running, chess, and writing articles.
Substantive Business Knowledge
Technical Implementation Capability
Exceptional Client Engagement and Communication


Data Science

AI Agent construction, finetuning LLMs, traditional ML, Statistical Models


LLM implementations, ETL pipelines, data base management, cloud data platform construction (Azure/GCP)

Credit Risk Modelling

Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, Exposure at Default, Credit Scoring

Data Consultancy

Beyond hands-on implementation, Michiel is here to strategize with you. Schedule a session and we'll collaborate to define the best approach for your data projects.




E2.2: Welcome Agentic

Agentic is live - an Agentic Workflow that scrapes Reddit, formats the scraped content, and posts its findings on X daily. Check it out at X: @4GENTIC.