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Software Engineering Data Analytics

Maven 11


  • Cryptocurrency Adress Identification Algorithm
  • & Anomaly detection
  • At Maven 11, a crypto-native hedge fund, the lending department, M11 Credit, faced a significant challenge when it incurred losses due to Orthogonal Trading's undisclosed high exposure to the FTX exchange. This exposure led to Orthogonal Trading's default on a $36 million debt on Maple Finance, as well as misrepresentation of its financial situation to M11 Credit's pool, ultimately resulting in substantial losses for the investors in the affected M11 pools​​​​.

    To address this issue and prevent similar incidents in the future, Melchior Analytics developed a system for Maven 11 that enhances the monitoring and risk management of crypto lending activities. This system identifies crypto addresses associated with specific entities and performs real-time monitoring for anomalies.